As we age, many of us end up in an assisted living home and may feel trapped and helpless as a result. However, many homes now focus on the idea of independent living. Understanding this idea can help improve your personal health and ensure you get the care needed to live a happy life.

A New Way of Looking at Care

In the past, healthcare providers didn’t always look at how to facilitate their patients’ independence. Instead, they focused more on handling their care and, if necessary, hospitalizing them. However, the concept of fostering an independent life works to help an individual do what they can for themselves. For example, it may focus on teaching someone in an assisted living facility how to shower themselves after a debilitating stroke. Steps like these matter because, according to the American Health Care Association, four out of 10 people in assisted living homes have Alzheimer’s or similar dementia.

Healthcare officials improve their quality of life by helping these individuals gain more independence. This step may include transitioning them from hands-on care, like changing their clothes or teaching them to administer their medication. The end goal includes getting a person out of an assisted living home, if possible.

A Positive Goal to Work Towards

The idea of independent living might seem unlikely to some people. Tragically, in some cases, it’s true that a fully independent life may not be possible due to their condition. That said, this concept focuses on making a person as independent as possible within their means. For example, someone paralyzed by a stroke may never drive independently again. However, independent life support can include providing them with someone who takes them to doctor’s appointments or visit friends. It may even include physical therapy to make walking easier for them.

Even if you or your loved one never regain full independence, you can learn and master new skills to improve your life. By carefully and slowly regaining these abilities, you can take the burden off of your caregivers. Even better, you can feel confident in yourself again and regain your joy in life.

The uniquely powerful idea of independent living provides many people with the hope they need to get better. If you or someone you love needs help with their day-to-day life, contact us today to learn more. Our experts at Oak Manor Senior Living Community can help improve your independence while giving you high-quality care.