nursing homes

Nursing homes are often considered a one-size-fits-all option for senior citizens. When many people think of a nursing home, they envision people who can’t walk or move in a bed in their room. However, that’s not what nursing homes are like at all! These are a few things you may not know about these facilities.

Varying Levels of Care

How much care a resident receives often depends on how much they need. For example, according to the American Health Care Association, 26% of residents in nursing homes need help eating. They receive that help, but residents who don’t need assistance are encouraged to feed themselves. These facilities help promote independence by encouraging residents to be as self-capable as possible.


Just because someone resides in a facility doesn’t mean they want to let themselves go. When you look better, you feel better. Professional stylists hired by nursing homes can perform basic maintenance, a new style, or a trim. Services offered may vary depending on the facility.


No one wants a senior citizen to sit in their home alone all the time, and facilities don’t want that for residents either. Socialization encourages cognitive functioning, improves memory, and helps mitigate mental health issues, such as symptoms of depression. Many facilities encourage activities among residents. These may include events in the facility for residents like playing bingo or heading off grounds for a shopping trip.

Private Rooms

Many facilities offer private and semi-private rooms to ensure that residents have the level of privacy they prefer. Most semi-private rooms have a curtain that can be pulled down the middle of the room to provide privacy during visits or medical treatments as well.

Medical Facilities

A nursing home is a medical facility. They ensure that medical staff is on hand and that a physician carefully supervises residents. Medicine is administered. Many facilities offer additional care based on the needs of residents, like physical therapy. This differs substantially from assisted living facilities, which do not provide medical care.

Every Nursing Home is Different

Amenities tend to vary depending on the facility. One may offer more private rooms, while another may only have a few. Various activities will be offered at different facilities as well. It’s essential to contact a nursing home to ensure they are the right choice for your loved one. For more questions about how a nursing home can benefit your loved one, contact Oak Manor Senior Living Community today!