independent living for seniors

As people get older, they may need more help to do daily activities. Luckily, caretakers and communities can help support independent living for seniors. As seniors age, they can maintain their sense of individuality and purpose, while getting help with the little things they need. Read on to see why independence for seniors is vital to their livelihood.

Mobility Help

As the body ages, it’s natural for muscles and bones to get weaker. That’s why seniors need to get proper exercise, whether it’s walking or attending related fitness classes. According to the American Health Care Association, 69% of assisted living residents need help walking. Independent living in a senior community will give seniors access to beautiful spaces, fitness classes, and other age-appropriate partners for them to stay active. Plus, caretakers can also help them with exercises or stretches that will aid their mobility as well as provide walking assistance when needed.

Improved Memory

Staying active is connected to good memory. That’s why seniors need to remain engaged in life, whether it’s through talking to other people, solving mind games, doing fun activities, etc. Constant physical and mental activity helps increase blood flow to the brain. That good blood flow keeps the memory alive.

Sense of Fulfillment

Having a sense of purpose and fulfillment is essential at any age, especially in older people who once had active careers. With grown children and older grandkids, seniors may need to work harder to keep themselves occupied. If they feel they have no way to contribute to society or don’t have anything going on in their lives, it’s easy for depression to set in.


If a senior feels they have no control over their life, it can make them feel a wave of emotions ranging from sadness to depression to anger. Independent living for seniors helps them maintain more control over their daily activities and lets them feel better about each day.

There are many ways for people to remain active and independent as they age. A good community like Oak Manor provides a beautiful environment to live among other age-appropriate residents who are also active and independent. Independence can keep you in a good mood, maintain your mobility and give you a sense of purpose as the days go on. Contact our community today for more information.