Children and Seniors Become Pen Pals During Quarantine

senior writing letter The lost art of the handwritten note is beginning to resurface in the mailboxes at Oak Manor Senior Living Community in Largo, Florida.

With social distancing and quarantining, folks around the globe have flooded the internet, relying on social media, websites and the television for entertainment, news and a simple escape from the terrifying reality.

Despite the recent increase in technology dependence, children in neighborhoods surrounding Oak Manor are doing things the “old-fashioned way” by putting pen (or crayon) to paper to spread joy to seniors. During the past week of visitor restrictions, residents at Oak Manor Healthcare and Rehab Center have received dozens of handwritten cards from local children.

“This is wonderful to bring these two generations together in a time of great need. Everyone feels the effects of isolation, the young and the elderly and everyone in between. Hopefully the correspondence continues, and maybe one day, after all this passes, the residents can meet their pen pals in person!” said Cindy Lewis, Oak Manor Activities Director.

senior writing letterThe notes are sweetly addressed, “Dear Friend” and are filled with wishes of good health, happiness and brightly colored pictures. Some letters include thoughtful reminders for seniors to wash their hands and be careful.

As the letters began pouring in, Oak Manor residents jumped at the opportunity to write back. They enjoyed mornings in the courtyard with pen and paper, responding to the children’s kind words.

Senior writing letter


“I enjoy corresponding with the children. I used to be a teacher. This is not only beneficial to us, but it’s great for the kids too,” said Nancy, an Oak Manor resident.

With kids home from school and seniors sheltering in place, pen pals are blooming, and it’s the perfect way to pass the time while spreading a little love during this trying season.