Indian Rocks Christian School Donates Children’s Art to Oak Manor Senior Living Community

senior with artworkWith schools closed and children at home, the classrooms are full of students’ abandoned artwork and crafts. Indian Rocks Christian School preschool teachers decided to gather the forgotten artwork and deliver it to the residents at Oak Manor Senior Living Community.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, Oak Manor Senior Living Community in Largo, Florida is under strict visitor restrictions. Without the normal daily visits of family, friends and volunteers, Oak Manor staff is working diligently to implement activities to keep residents engaged and happy and bringing in handcrafted brightly painted art helps do just that!

Teacher with artwork

“We wanted them to know that we are praying for them. We also want to express our love for them and hope the children’s artwork lifts their spirits and brightens their day,” said preschool teacher, Mrs. Christine Felsman.

Amanda Christie, the mom of one of Mrs. Felsman’s preschool students, says she’s excited to see her son’s artwork go to a good cause. She explained that both of her sons color so much and she hates to throw it away, so she’s thrilled to bring new purpose to their projects.

“I hope the pictures make people feel happy,” said Amanda’s four-year-old son.

The artwork was safely delivered by an Oak Manor employee on March 26th, and activities director, Cindy Lewis, quickly began personally delivering the children’s handywork to the residents. Smiles instantly grew on the seniors’ faces.

Senior with artwork“Thank you! Those children have big hearts,” said Ed, an Oak Manor resident.

“God love them,” said Henry, another Oak Manor resident.

No one could have foreseen that the crafts and artwork the children had been creating all schoolyear would now be making a difference in the lives of local seniors.

“I love them for doing this for us!” said Oak Manor resident, Vernetta.