assisted living facilities

According to the American Health Care Association, there are currently an estimated minimum of 800 thousand assisted living residents in the United States. If you’re comparing available assisted living facilities for the placement of a loved one, there are a few main features to look out for. Finding the right care community can provide your family members with the medical and emotional support they need.

1. Longevity of Staff

When a facility has a high rate of staff turnover it’s often a sign that significant issues are happening behind the scenes. The longer the staff has been in place, the more consistent the care and attention given to residents will be. When you visit assisted living facilities to see if they’re a good fit, be sure to ask a few of the staff members how long they’ve been there and how their work experience has been. When members of the maintenance and dining hall team all say that they’ve been there for years and really enjoy their jobs, it’s a great sign and one that reflects the quality of care provided.

2. Activities and Socialization Opportunities

One of the best benefits of living in a community environment is the available socialization opportunities. No one wants to spend their days sitting alone. In fact, that’s a common reason why folks move into assisted living facilities. When evaluating a community, look for interesting, varied, and consistent activities available for residents. Off-site activities and events are important too. The more engaged their lives, the healthier residents are.

3. Proximity to Family

As busy as residents might be, they’ll likely still have bouts of loneliness. Being close enough to family for regular visits can have a significant and positive impact on their outlook and level of life satisfaction. These ties to their past and younger lives can provide comfort and allow them to still feel like themselves even though they’re no longer living at home. Some seniors have a difficult transition into their new lives at care communities, and having family close by can be helpful in more ways than one.

At Oak Manor Senior Living Community, we provide your loved ones with a community that becomes their home. We welcome you and your family members to come and spend some time at our care facility to learn more about our culture and services. Contact our placement office today to schedule a visit and learn more.