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Life at Oak Manor

Resident Testimonials

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“I am often asked about Oak Manor Senior Living Community where I am an apartment home resident. Since it is important to the main thrust of my answer, before I begin I make sure the questioner understands the meaning of ‘Empathy,’ as distinct from ‘pity,’ and that it means “identification with and understanding of another’s feelings and motives.” I then summarize the overall physical facilities.

Oak Manor is well maintained and steadily-being-improved facility, located in a secluded oak forest in the middle of Largo’s Business and Beach communities, central to the VA, Morton Plant Hospital and Largo Hospitals and with its own continuing care facilities all meshed with their own efficient personalized transport systems. Here, I was able to voluntarily give up driving without the “transportation shock.”

I then tell them of the staff. For resident people who have multiple diverse interests (or none at all) they arrange activities. Five people may go to a ball game, ten for shopping or dining out, three may show up to play Trivial Pursuit, fifteen for an exercise class to keep their mobility, twenty for a beach party or cultural event off-campus and many scores of people for on-campus social events….numbers don’t count, here at Oak Manor, a person does. Administrative people make appointments etc and show the same willingness to assist the residents that a personal secretary would. The food staff is pleasant and helpful. The maintenance and house cleaning services are timely and expertly provided.

In summary one may conclude that in addition to the facility itself, I have been most impressed with the staff’s credo of empathy and in particular its superb translation into interaction with and among residents.”

Richard L.
Independent Resident, May 27th, 2010

“I have been so blessed, since my daughter discovered Oak Manor Senior Living Community! I found new friends from day one and am now in my fifth year!

There is a wonderful variety of activity for everyone. We have great entertainment every Friday, bingo, shuffleboard and even interactive TV games. (I love to bowl and play golf)

We have exercise and yoga classes, trivia and much more.

Our dietary department provides us with great food!

I love the park-like setting and enjoy just sitting outside now and then. This is a great place to live!

Hope to see you here.”

Ed D.
Assisted Living Resident

“I live in a beautiful area, with many live oak trees, giving shade to this park, in a villa at Oak Manor. I can sit out in my enclosed porch, with all my plants and enjoy the beautiful blue sky and the singing of the many birds, especially the mocking bird with his various songs. I am legally blind, cannot identify the birds by sight, but I do know the song of the cardinal and we have a wild canary who visits often and sings his heart out!

The staff here is always there to lend a helping hand. The food has just been up-graded and offers many menu choices.

There is always something to do to occupy your day, even day trips for food shopping and department store shopping.

I guess, for me, most importantly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they will help you keep your medical appointments with a driver.

I can’t think of a better-away-from home place, than Oak Manor. Oh yes, I have lived here for the past 4 years.”

Kay P.
Independent Resident

“My name is Mary Jo. I want to tell you about my new home. I am 80 years old and need help in certain areas of my life.

As I looked for an appropriate new home, the first thing that impressed me about Oak Manor, was the beautiful big shade trees sitting on 16 acres and instead of an 8 or 10 story high rise apartment building, I live in a cute individual villa with a patio!

Another important factor in my decision about my new home besides ambiance and care was the food. Well, you will not find institutional food here – quite the opposite! There is a lovely dining room where your food is cooked to order per your choice, just like any restaurant, even filet mignon on the menu every day!

I’m a people person so I love my bingo (of course!), pokeno, jack pot and trivia to keep our minds alert. There are too many activities to tell you about but give a call and they will tell you what you want to know about the activities!

I’ve lived here since January 2009 and feel that I not only have a new home but also a new family. Just wanted to tell you my opinion of Oak Manor.”

Mary Jo B.
Assisted Living Resident

“My son helped me pick Oak Manor as my home four years ago and ever since then I’ve been very pleased with my care. The staff truly cares about each resident, my CNA’s are always responsive to my needs and the facility is always clean. If I recommended a place for a friend it would be Oak Manor.”

Elizabeth Perri
Oak Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Resident

“I love it here. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I love the residents and have many friends here. The staff is very kind and thoughtful and willing to help whenever you need them. I deliver the residents mail on four floors, a job that I have had for 2 years now even when it rains. I love it because I get to meet all the residents. I enjoy participating in many of the planned activities, such as bingo, cards, baseball games ‘Go Rays’, boat rides and going out to eat.”

Nancy Price
Oak Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Resident
Resident Council President

O – On with Life Changes
A – Always helping those in need
K – Kids & family come to visit

M – Much like home
A – A good concept in Assisted Living
N – Nurturing Staff
O – Others wanting to live here
R – Residents of all ages

“It takes about an hour and a half to secure your new home. Entering Oak Manor, you see the quaint villas, high rise apartments and a campus lined with beautiful oak trees. You sit with your family with a huge smile on your face and say to yourself – ‘Now this is where I want my home to be.’

My husband & I moved to Oak Manor last year due to my Parkinson’s Disease progression. We were immediately impressed with the caring attitude of the staff, from the nurses aides to the management team. The residents we have met have been very cordial and seem to care about each other.

A monthly activities calendar provides many choices that can keep you busy if you wish to participate. The dining room exceeds all expectations, both in quality and variety….(maybe too good as we’ve gained a few pounds!).

We now live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa which seems much like our own home. Our neighbors are friendly and seem to be happy living here.

We feel we made the right decision by moving to Oak Manor. We love it!”

Poem & Testimonial written by Betty L.
Assisted Living Resident

I recently re-visited Oak Manor where my husband had been a resident in Haven Hall for dementia for four years. (1997-2001).

The care then was outstanding and is still manifested in the longevity of the staff who are still working there. However, the most change is in the facility itself! The wonderful updates. The magnificent courtyard. The new flooring. The beautiful art work. The sense of pride in the residents. All of this combined will make me not hesitate to suggest anyone looking for senior living, rehab or long term care to check Oak Manor first.


Ruth Lovelace Spirko
Former caregiver and author of "It's Not My Fault", a journey with my husband with dementia.